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Kamis, 22 November 2012

Five Tips to Overcome Fatigue Eye

Vision is the most precious senses. But staring at a computer screen all day can hurt your eyes. And every day, more and more of us move from the computer screen, to mobile phones, to TVs and tablet computers, and so constantly, so no wonder the eyes of the load increases.

"If you have serious problems, such as blurred vision, eye pain, or redness in the eye, it is important to see your eye doctor immediately," said Steve Schallhorn, Chairman of the International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) from Optical Express.

If your eyes are just tired of staring at the screen and you experience eyestrain due to their daily work, here are five tips to beat the best of Steve tired eyes:

1. Take a break. Give yourself a few minutes to rest, make the eyes feel comfortable, close your eyes, wear glasses if you loose, relax and breathe deeply. Just for a few minutes for your eyes actually breaks.

2. When you get home, avoid the job for some time. You've been working with a computer screen all day, so do not jump to check email when I got home, or see your phone or even read, for about an hour.

3. Change the lighting. The best is the soft light is not too bright or too intense, but still shine with fit. Try Dim the light, or turn on a small light, not the headlights. Feel how your eyes react afterwards - not to damage the eyes due to light that is too little or too much.

4. Flashing. We're a little flicker when we're doing an intense and consequently, we are rarely aware that dry eyes. A short break will help, as well as flashing, align your eyes and feel how they felt afterward. If your eyes feel dry, cover your eyes or if it still is not enough, use eye drops.

5. Massage. When we work in front of a computer screen our forehead muscles will be very tense and try to spend a few minutes massaging the head, eyebrows and neck. If anyone can massage you, it will help relieve the pressure.

By day Steve advises users have the right prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses that fit to prevent eyestrain.

And even if you do not need glasses, there are several things you should do to prevent your eyes are too tired. One is to adjust the position of your screen comfortably, so that your screen is the third position under the eyes, you look down a little. Adjust the brightness of your screen.

The display should be bright enough to read comfortably but not brighter than the surrounding areas, which are too contrasting screen means you have to work hard retina to compensate.

Suggested eyes checked every three years even if you do not have a problem, because some diseases, such as glaucoma, which can lead to blindness, do not have symptoms.

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