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Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

place for tour sights of Cangkuang Garut


SKW: Cangkuang
District: Leles
Travel types: Nature
Fascination: waterfall, Niagara
Mileage: 23 km

Cangkuang Temple is a Hindu temple located in Kampung Pulo, Cangkuang area, District Leles, Garut, West Java. The temple is also the first to be found in Tatar Sunda and is the only Hindu temple in Tatar Sunda.HistoryThe temple was first discovered in 1966 by a team of researchers based Harsoyo and Uka Candrasasmita Vorderman report (published in 1893) about the existence of a broken statue and tomb of Mohammed Arif Leles ancestors. In addition to finding the ruins of the temple, there are also pieces of knives and large rocks that are thought to be relics of megalithic era. Future studies (1967 and 1968) managed to dig graves building.Although almost certain that this temple is a Hindu religious heritage (approximately the 8th century AD, the era temples at the site and Cibuaya Batujaya?), Which surprisingly is a Muslim cemetery beside her.GeographyCangkuang temple located on a small island whose shape extends from west to east with an area of ​​16.5 ha. This small island in the middle of the lake there Cangkuang at coordinates 106 ° 54'36, 79 "east longitude and 7 ° 06'09" south latitude. In Wikimapia [1]. In addition to the island that has a temple, in this lake there are also two other islands with a smaller size.What is the topography Cangkuang lake contained in a lush valley about 600 m LBL's surrounded by mountains: Mount Haruman (1,218 m LBL) to the east - north, Sand Kadaleman (681 m LBL) in the south east, Sand Gadung (1,841 m LBL) in the south, Mount Guntur (2849 m LBL) in the west- South, Gunung Malang (1329 m LBL) to the west, Mount Mandalawangi the west-north, and Mount Kaledong (1,249 m LBL) in the north.Building the TempleCangkuang temple building that now can we see the result of the restoration which was inaugurated in 1978. This temple stands on a rectangular area measuring 4.7 x 4.7 m with a height of 30 cm. Foot building which underpins seam padma, Kumuda seam and seam pasagi size 4.5 x 4.5 m with a height of 1.37 m. On the east side there is a viewer place the ladder up the length of 1.5 m and a width of 1.26 m.The body of the temple square shape 4.22 x 4.22 m with a height of 2.49 m. On the north side of the entrance there is a size 1.56 m (height) x 0.6 m (width). The highlight of the temple there are two levels: a square measuring 3.8 x 3.8 m with a height of 1.56 m and 2.74 x 2.74 m, height 1.1 m. In it there is room measuring 2.18 x 2.24 m, height 2.55 m. In essence there is a basin measuring 0.4 x 0.4 m-deep 7 m (built when the restoration of the building in order to be stable).Among the remains of the temple, also found statues (in the 1800s) to the position of being cross-legged on a double Padmasana. Cross left foot flat base facing the inside of the right thigh. Right foot facing down repose pedestal. In front of the left foot there is the head of the cow (Nandi) the ear forward. With the head of Nandi, the experts think that this is a statue of Shiva. His hands looked on the thigh. In the body there is a trimmer tummy, trimmer chest and ear trimmer.The state of the statue has been damaged, flat face, the hands up to the second wrist was lost. Face width 8 cm, 18 cm shoulder width, waist width 9 cm, Padmasana 38 cm (height 14 cm), base 37 cm and 45 cm (height 6 cm and 19 cm), height 41 cm.Cangkuang temple as seen today, is actually the result of engineering reconstruction, because only 35% of the original building's. Therefore, the form of the actual Temple building Cangkuang not yet known.This temple is about 3 m to the south of the tomb of Muhammad Arif / Maulana Ifdil Hanafi

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