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Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

object tour curug cimandi Garut


SKW: Cangkuang
District: Leles
Travel types: Nature
Fascination: waterfall, Niagara
Mileage: 23 km

Natural Physical Environment Curug Cimandi often called Poison or Poison Cibuni waterfall located in the village Jangkurang, District Leles, and to the north adjacent to the Village Rancasalak, Danu village on the west, Cikelet village in the south, and the village of Salak Ranch to the east. Vast rural area of ​​988 602 ha, while the object area of ​​about 1 ha of customary land tenure is the key and Kampung Kampung Pasir Singkur.
Activities to do in Curug Cibuni These toxins include enjoying the natural scenery. This region has not managed properly and professionally. One reason for this object in the area of ​​customary land into the provision of facilities or infrastructure are not so oriented businesses.
Special aspectsToxins have Cimandi waterfall height 25 m and the source water comes from springs at Mount Mandalawangi Cimalagiri. Location of the waterfall is located at an altitude of 1045 above sea level with their natural form berlembah accompanied by a steep slope. Along the path to the object location is a strategic vantage point to view the beautiful scenery around. Around the region have adequate soil absorption fine with this type of rocky soil material.
     Quality and adequate sanitation is visible from at least garbage strewn. The state of a landscape waterfall Cibuni toxin is classified as good because of the high waterfall plus natural stretch of green and lush. One of the added value of this object is the factor of temperature or temperature. The cool temperature of the region, ranging between 23-25 ​​degrees celsius strongly support tourism activities.

The attraction is not just a waterfall Cibuni Poison natural characteristics but also of the legend or tale. Tale behind the name of the waterfall comes from a story in the days of empire. Fairy tales are told that in ancient times there was a contest fight over a beautiful princess. The martial arts champion or hero must risk their lives fighting to be a winner and get the princess as the prize winnings. When the contest was held, the result was a draw so that no one is entitled to a daughter. Then because of the two champions is no one entitled to the princess, the daughter of the hidden and the poison in what is now known as the waterfall Cibuni Poisons.
     Around the waterfall is only available 1 small shelter with a fairly good condition, and until now there is available accommodation facilities. Alternative accommodation facilities nearby which can be used by visitors is located at Wisma LEC Tarogong District. Then to the restaurant facility, the Adika Eating in front of Market Street Leles Leles or may be an alternative for tourists who want to fill his stomach.
AccessibilityTo attain this object can use Kadungora urban transport route? Penclut with rates ranging from Rp. 1000? USD. 1500 or can use ojeg Kadungora rate of Rp. 4000 or can also use the transport microbus with Bandung-Pamengpeuk route, which passes the access road leading to this object. Kadungora distance of public transportation terminal station within 5 km of Kadungora object Curug Cibuni Poisons. In pursuit of the objects visitors will go through district highway as far as 3 km to the quality of good roads, adequate road width and not perforated, and then passes the access road as far as 500 m in the form of foot trail, and eventually traced the trail as far as 300 m in the form of foot trail with a surface layer of sandy soil. The distance between the object and sub-district administrative center about 7 km, whereas with the county within 23 km, from the Bandung District and within 47 km within 227 km from the provincial capital, Jakarta.


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